ALTEN CZ - authorised distributor of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass Beads   



The company ALTEN CZ is a family owned export company with almost twenty years of tradition in wholesale of glass beads. Throughout its successful business, ALTEN CZ acts as an authorized distributor of the company PRECIOSA ORNELA, the world's largest manufacturer of beads.

PRECIOSA ORNELA makes staggering 3.5 million kilograms of the world-famous Czech beads annually and nowhere in the world can anyone produce so many shapes, colors, sizes and surface finishes on the beads as here. The traditional assortment of beads under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand-name ensures top quality, and guarantees color, shape and size constancy.

ALTEN CZ currently ranks among the leading Czech exporters of this product range which we, thanks to its quality, successfully export to various countries.

ALTEN CZ is the leader in variety of packaging assortment of the Czech beads and corals, using the bag machine packing, packing in tubes, boxes and cases, all suitable for hobby sector. All packaging methods allow us to deliver goods directly to stores. It is also our standard procedure to always put labels and print on the packaging in accordance with the needs of our customers.

Another advantage is that we keep our entire offered assortment in stock, so we are able to promptly fulfill orders that come directly from our warehouse, thereby instantly respond to customers´ needs and deliver goods on agreed dates and in required amounts.

As the certified Czech distributor of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads, having long relation with the world's largest manufacturer of glass beads, we are able to offer goods at prices that you will be pleasantly surprised by. Do not hesitate and try the quality of the services we, ALTEN CZ, offer as the leading Czech supplier.

We have experience in the field of transportation (both forwarding and shipping), handling shipments based on the needs of our customers and doing it at favorable prices.

Our company has entered an exclusive agreement with leading Czech manufacturers which allows us to perform a complete high quality supply at very competitive prices. Our packed glass beads are popular in many countries.