Magic mixes

Magic mixes are a popular line of bead mixes. Customers can choose from 16 color items. These mixes consist of pressed beads of various shapes and sizes, fire polished glass beads and rocailes of the size 6/0. All the beads used in the mixes are first-class quality and made in the Czech Republic. Both beads and their coatings meet in all ways both European and American standards and can be supplied with the certification when demanded. 

Magic mixes have been greatly popular due to theirs variety of colors, first-class quality and wide range of usage, particularly in a hobby sector ( the hand-made sector) in many countries of the world.


ARABIC NIGHT                         #01 BRONZE                                   #02 BORDEAUX GOLD                     #03
CORAL REEF                            #04 FLAME                                     #05 FOREST FLOOR                         #06
HAPPY DAY                              #07 HIGHLAND HEATHER                #08 INDIGO                                    #09
IVORY SILK                               #10 OLIVE                                      #11 PEACOCK                                 #12
SEA                                          #13 STRAWBERRY FIELDS               #14 SUNSET ARTIC                          #15
WINTER WONDERLAND             #16

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