Pressed Bead Mixes

Pressed beads mixes are mixes of first-class glass beads. The mixes solely comprise of beads from Czech producers and from the first-class Czech glass. Customers can find in the mix both pressed glass beads and fire polished glass beads of various shapes and sizes. The glass used as well as the coatings on the glass beads are pursuant to both European and American standards.

These mixes have found their place in the market thanks to their quality and beauty and are targeted at the hand-made production or the hobby sector. These mixes are available in 14 color shades.


Amethyst                                 #17 Gold                                        #18 Hearts / Flowers                      #19
Dark Blue                                 #20 Dark Green                              #21 Red                                         #22
Jet                                          #23 Mahogany                                #24 Sea                                          #25
Light Blue                                #26 Light Green                              #27 Light Pink                                #28
Pastels                                     #29 Crystal                                     #30

Photo Gallery - Pressed Bead Mixes