These are mixes of rocaille beads of size 6/0. Rocailles are the most used type of glass seed beads. You will also come across them in many places throughout the world and in many contexts: in costume jewellery, hobby articles, Christmas decorations, clothing and shoe embroidery and appliqués and fashion and home accessories or in the most traditional of seed bead products, i.e. ethnic souvenirs made by the Indians of both Americas, African tribes or a number of Asian nations. Customers can choose from 20 items of these mixes.


Bordeaux Gold - Rocaille Bead MixBordeaux Gold                         #31 Fall - Rocaille Bead MixFall                                         #32 Coral Reef - Rocaille Bead MixCoral Reef                               #33
 - Rocaille Bead MixGrape Ice                                #34 Sunset Artic - Rocaille Bead MixSunset Artic                             #35 Winter Wonderland - Rocaille Bead MixWinter Wonderland                  #36
Lagoon - Rocaille Bead MixLagoon                                    #37 Indigo - Rocaille Bead MixIndigo                                      #38 Green / Rocaille Bead MixOlive Green                              #39
Jungle - Rocaille Bead MixJungle                                     #40 OAK Woods - Rocaille Bead MixOAK Woods                              #41 Mountain Streem - Rocaille Bead MixMountain Streem                      #42
Happz Day - Rocaille Bead MixHappy Day                               #43 Strawberry Fields - Rocaille Bead MixStrawberry Fields                     #44 Rainbow - Rocaille Bead MixRainbow                                  #45
Pastels - Rocaille Bead MixPastels                                    #46 Shiny Sky - Rocaille Bead MixShiny Sky                                 #47 Ivory Silk - Rocaille Bead MixIvory                                        #48
Turquise - Rocaille Bead MixTurquoise                                 #49 Bronze - Rocaille Bead MixBronze                                     #50

Photo Gallery - Rocaille Bead Mixes